‘Energy Management For Energy Intensive Firms’ is a new white paper for companies that want to decarbonise without sacrificing productivity, laying bare the realities of the net zero challenge while examining the opportunities available to businesses.

The paper was developed by Green Economy and its partner, The Pilot Group, takes an in-depth approach to navigating the Net Zero landscape, with insights from business leaders within manufacturing and engineering, with actionable advice to help other businesses get started. 

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Energy management for energy intensive firms white paper

Key findings

  • Cost remains the single biggest driver for business taking steps towards decarbonisation, with the recent increase in energy bills motivating businesses to look at how they can increase efficiency and save money.
  • Capital investment and lack of access to funding remain a barrier to energy efficiency, along with knowledge and practical understanding of the technology.
  • A key starting point for businesses is to set a benchmark by understanding current energy usage. The good news is that there numerous low and no cost ways to save energy and reduce the cost of energy bills that can be implemented immediately.
  • Businesses who make the relevant changes and investments now are set to be more competitive, more economically resilient and more attractive to both clients and stakeholders for years to come.
The Opportunity

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Green Economy supports corporate decarbonisation through onsite carbon footprinting, business advice, training as well as funding and procurement support. 

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Green Economy delivers corporate decarbonisation in local areas, working with local government to develop business programmes with carbon impacts.  

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