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15 April 2024

Deforestation rates threaten 2030 climate targets

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The rates of tropical forest deforestation are pushing 2030 climate targets out of reach, despite major progress in Brazil and Colombia.

12 April 2024

Less than 3 per cent of England’s land could produce 13 times more renewable energy

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England could be expanding its onshore renewable energy potential and cutting emissions with just 3 per cent of its land.

11 April 2024

Two years to save the world: UN climate chief’s stark warning

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In response to governments’ lack of action on climate change, UN climate chief Simon Stiell delivers his starkest warning yet.

10 April 2024

Enhanced reputation is a driver of climate action, but businesses see barriers in government support and funding

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A recent survey of 288 SMEs across 44 countries has explored the key motivators and barriers to climate action, with a lack of clear government support and policy being one of the top barriers.

08 April 2024

What to do with the UK’s wasted wind energy

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Studies have shown that wasted offshore wind could cost the UK £1bn annually. This wasted energy could be used to effectively power green hydrogen projects.

03 April 2024

Better policy needed to tackle global e-waste

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Strategies like the EU’s ‘right to repair’ will benefit consumers and climate, but are policies like these enough to overcome the challenge of e-waste?

21 March 2024

Trafford Council Leader launches support to help Trafford Park’s businesses Bee Net Zero

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Tom Ross, Leader of Trafford Council and Greater Manchester Lead for Green City-Region today launched ‘Bee Net Zero | Trafford Park’, a new partnership which will help businesses based on the park to access funded services to help them transition to net zero.

11 March 2024

World hits record high CO2 emissions – Green Economy analysis

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In 2023, global CO2 emissions reached a record high 37.4 billion tonnes. But there is still hope for the future.

06 March 2024

White paper outlines steps to net zero success

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Working alongside experts in the sector, Green Economy has created an invaluable resource for energy-intensive operators.

06 March 2024

Tax cuts and nuclear plans – the UK’s spring budget

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt today announced his spring budget to the House of Commons, with plans to expand nuclear power and reduce taxes.

05 March 2024

Boards need to engage staff with sustainability, report says

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New research suggests boards need to embolden management and embed sustainability into business decisions in order to boost impact.

29 February 2024

GMCVO launch Energy Resilience Fund in Greater Manchester

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GMCVO’s fund is available for Greater Manchester organisations seeking finance for retrofit, energy generation, and green technology projects.